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Multiple Personal Greetings

When the DEFINITY AUDIX System answers calls for subscribers via the Call Answer feature, subscribers can instruct the system to greet their callers with a personal message, as
an answering machine does. Subscribers can record up to nine different personal greetings and have the system play a single greeting for all calls or play specific greetings for different
types of calls. The system can identify calls (known as call types) in the following ways:

  • Internal and External — Calls made from an extension on the same switch versus calls made from a phone outside the switch
  • Busy and No Answer — Calls made to a subscriber’s extension while the subscriber is already on the phone versus calls made to a subscriber’s extension and the
    subscriber does not answer
  • Out-of-Hours — Calls made to a subscriber’s extension outside of business hours (these time periods are defined by the system administrator) Up to three greetings can be active simultaneously. Subscribers can assign greetings to call types in any of the following ways:
  • A single greeting for all calls (the default)
  • Different greetings for (1) internal and (2) external calls
  • Different greetings for (1) busy and (2) no answer calls
  • Different greetings for (1) prime-time and (2) out-of-hours calls
  • Different greetings for (1) prime-time internal, (2) prime-time external, and (3) out-of-hours calls
  • Different greetings for (1) prime-time busy, (2) prime-time no answer, and (3) out-of-hours calls

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If a subscriber does not record and activate any personal greetings, the system uses the system
greeting to answer the subscriber’s calls.

If the Multilingual feature is activated and Call Answer Language Choice is yes on the Subscriber Class of Service screen for a subscriber, the subscriber records primary and/or secondary personal greetings rather than Multiple Personal Greetings. The two greeting types are mutually exclusive.

To create one greeting for prime-time callers and one greeting for out-of-hours callers, it is
necessary to administer three call types and assign the two prime-time call types to the same

The number of greetings administered can seriously impact disk space requirements.

Subscribers can set up personal greetings using INTUITY Message Manager.

Multiple Personal Greetings

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