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Name Record by Subscriber

The Name Record by Subscriber feature gives the system administrator the option of having all subscribers record their own names. If the feature is activated and a new subscriber logs in, the DEFINITY AUDIX system explains how to record a name and permits no other activity until the name is recorded.The recording is used:

  • To voice a name in the system greeting
  • To verify a message address to the sender
  • To identify the sender of a message to a recipient
  • To voice names in the personal and system directories

Subscribers can also access the feature at any time from the subscriber administration menu to rerecord their own names. The system administrator can always rerecord any name.

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The administrator can disable the feature at any time and begin recording names for all new subscribers. This does not affect the names already recorded by subscribers. Similarly,
turning the feature on does not affect the names already recorded by the system administrator.

The subscriber has an added responsibility to maintain the name record; updating or changing
it as necessary.

The name record function is not designed to replace personal greetings; the recorded name
must be brief.

If this feature is active, new subscribers cannot proceed after logging in until they have recorded their names or had the system administrator record their names.

The system audits the recorded names and reports the unrecorded names to the system

Subscribers cannot record their names during the periodic audit and backup of names carried out by the system.

The Name Record by Subscriber feature can save the system administrator a great deal of time. Also, some subscribers simply prefer to record their own names to ensure the pronunciation and to add a more personalized tone to their messages.

Since subscribers can record their own names, they can also provide other information at the same time, such as “ John Parrot, on vacation until October 13th.” This information would be played to subscribers who address mail to John Parrot; upon hearing that he is on vacation, the sender may decide not to send him the message.

If one individual, such as the system administrator or a professional announcer, has already recorded the names on the system, subscribers should be careful about recording their names themselves. People often don’t like the sound of their own voices. As described in the Feature Operation section of this chapter, each subscriber should be warned to play back his or her recording (press[2][3] ) and make certain it is preferable to the previous recording before
approving it. Subscribers can always rerecord their names, but cannot return to the original recording.

Any subscriber who has the Call Answer Primary Announcement Set administered as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) on the Subscriber or Class of Service screen should record his/her name using a TTY. Voiced names do not display on a TTY and TTY callers to the subscriber’s mailbox would see nothing for a voiced name. TTY users have 12 seconds to type their name when recording their name.

Name Record by Subscriber

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