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Outcalling allows the DEFINITY AUDIX system to call subscribers and inform them of new messages.

If an outcall is placed to a rotary phone or pager, you will not be able to retrieve your messages. For this reason, assign Outcalling only to touch-tone phones unless you are using this feature for message notification.

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Outcalls are not placed while you are logged on to the system. If you hang up without reviewing your new messages, outcalls will be placed using the current schedule.

The maximum number of digits subscribers can specify as their outcall number may be limited to prevent subscribers from requesting long-distance calls (the maximum length is 60 digits). Limiting the number of digits may prevent having pagers alerted through Outcalling, however.

This feature is often used on systems that do not have message-waiting lamp capability. It may also be useful for subscribers who work at home or another location, or who wish to be notified promptly of new messages during or after regular working hours. Further, this feature can be used to notify subscribers of new messages by calling their pagers or radio pagers.

Outcalling permission should be given with care, because it uses ports and trunk lines that might otherwise be used for standard voice mail and call answer operation. If outcalling is used excessively, or if the system is undersized, it may tax system resources. Because even routine messages trigger outcalls, outcalling can use resources unnecessarily. A good way to make judicious use of outcalling is to use the Priority Outcalling feature in conjunction with the Priority Message feature.

INTUITY Message Manager (IMM) uses the Outcalling feature to complete a call to a subscriber’s telephone; this can cause port contention with other Outcalling calls. The number of Outcalling ports may need to be increased when using IMM.

The DEFINITY AUDIX system, like all voice messaging and automated attendant systems, is subject to unauthorized long distance call attempts (toll fraud). But the system administrator can take steps to minimize the risk.

To minimize the possibility of toll fraud, administrators should turn off outcalling on a per-subscriber basis via the Subscriber or Class of Service screens. The number of digits used for outcalling can also be restricted on a system-wide basis using the System-Parameters Outcalling screen.

The system administrator activates the Outcalling feature using the System-Parameters Outcalling screen. The fields on this screen allow the administrator to set certain restrictions on outcalling activity. After outcalling has been activated and administered on the screen, an audit must be run; otherwise, the Outcalling feature will not work. Note that any time the administrator changes the number of ports available for the Outcalling feature, the switch-translations audit must be run to activate those changes.

Systems with Outcalling enabled may require additional voice ports depending on the number of people who use the feature, the length of outcalls, and the frequency of notification attempts. For example, a successful (answered) outcall may take 20 seconds to hang up, while an unsuccessful outcall may take up to one minute for the system to hang up (the system waits for potential input before timing-out and ending the call).


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