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Personal Directory

The Personal Directory feature permits each subscriber to create a private list of customized names. These aliases correspond to other subscribers. As with the system directory, the personal directory can be queried by name, or used for addressing messages, transferring calls, and creating mailing lists.

Business Telephone Systems
Business Telephone Systems

Each alias must be used in name-addressing mode. For greater convenience, users who use the personal directory often should have their default addressing mode set (by the system administrator) to name-addressing instead of extension- addressing. When users refer to other users either by name or alias, the DEFINITY AUDIX system first searches the sender’s personal directory, then searches the system directory. The system makes the translation from alias to user as necessary and announces the name and/or number as usual according to application.

Subscribers are responsible for creating and maintaining their own personal directories.

Users must be in name addressing mode to use an alias.

Each personal directory is limited to 25 names (aliases).

It is possible to assign more than one alias in a personal directory to one name in the system directory.

Aliases are limited to 10 characters.

If a subscriber is deleted from the system, the nightly Personal Directory and Mailing List audits
removes the subscriber from all other subscribers’ Personal Directories.

The personal directory allows subscribers to draw information from the system directory more efficiently. For example, it can be used to avoid spelling out common names that have many nearly identical permutations (Smith, Jones, etc.) in the larger directory. It also provides an abbreviated dialing capability: a user might use the shorter alias pac for the name Lisa Packard, for example. This can be used creatively for coding aliases according to various work assignments or responsibilities.

Personal Directory

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