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Playback and Recording Control

The Playback and Recording Control features are used by anyone entering the DEFINITY AUDIX system who wants to create, leave, or listen to messages. Using the Playback
Control feature, subscribers can listen to their call answer and voice mail messages, then replay the entire message or step backwards or forwards in four-second or ten-second intervals.

Using the Recording Control feature, callers can leave a call answer message for a subscriber, then replay the message and edit it as necessary. Subscribers can create voice mail messages and do the same.

The options available through the Playback Control feature are accessible only while listening to messages.

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The options available through the Recording Control feature are accessible only while creating
new messages (this includes nonsubscribers leaving a call answer message) or modifying existing messages that are in the outgoing section of the voice mailbox.

A touch-tone telephone is required to use either of these features. Because of Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) mode synchronization, the step backwards/
step forwards capability does not work reliably. Prompts for the TDD announcement set do not reference this capability.

The Playback and Recording Control features can be used in the following ways:

  • Playback Control — While listening to a message, a subscriber can replay
    the message and its header, or just a portion of the message, to verify
    information left by the caller.
  • Recording Control — While creating or modifying an existing message,
    the caller (or subscriber who is sending a voice mail message) can edit
    the message to make content changes or to eliminate any mistakes that
    occurred during its recording.

Playback and Recording Control

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