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Priority Message

The Priority Message feature allows some subscribers to send priority voice mail messages that will be specially marked and preferentially presented to recipients. Also, callers
can leave priority call answer messages. The DEFINITY AUDIX system treats Priority Messages differently from regular messages in the following ways:

  • If scheduled for immediate delivery, Priority Messages are delivered before regular messages.
  • Message headers indicate the priority status of messages.
  • When retrieved, Priority Messages are presented before
    other new messages (but after Broadcast Messages).

Subscribers can prioritize messages with the touch of a button, and change them back to regular messages just as easily. If a priority voice mail message is scheduled for future
delivery at the same time as a regular message, it will be delivered according to its order in the delivery queue.

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Priority messages are distinct from regular messages only in the header and notification functions.

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A Priority Message can also be a Private Message.

A Priority Message cannot also be a Broadcast Message or Login Announcement.

This feature includes priority notification via the Priority Outcalling feature. For more information, see the Priority Outcalling feature.

The primary scenario for the Priority Message feature is that of executives sending priority voice mail messages or priority call answer messages to employees who might normally receive many other messages. The executive is assured that the important message will be at the top of the employee’s stack of messages.

An additional application may be to assign the feature to employees working on
a priority project, so supervisors or coworkers can be kept informed of the
project’s status more efficiently.

Priority Message

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