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Priority Outcalling

Priority Outcalling works with the Priority Message feature in that the recipient can elect to be notified by outcalling only when a priority message (voice mail or call answer) has been
received. To prevent abuse of the function, priority messages can be sent only by specific subscribers.

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As with Outcalling, the feature is turned on from the Outcalling Administration Menu (number 6 on the Activity Menu). The subscriber can elect to be called for all new priority messages.
If there are new priority messages in the subscriber’s mailbox when Priority Outcalling is turned on, an outcall will not be placed until another new priority message is received. If a priority message is received during off hours (when the subscriber has specified that outcalls are not to be placed), the system waits until the time permitted for outcalling to make the outcall. Before calling, it checks the priority message to see if the subscriber has already logged in and
retrieved the message.

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This feature is unnecessary if the Priority Message feature is not used by any senders.

If there is a message-waiting lamp, it lights normally to indicate new messages are waiting.This is independent of any outcalling setting.

The system administrator must give individual subscribers permission to use outcalling (and
thus, priority outcalling) via the Subscriber and Class of Service screens.

Subscribers authorized to use this feature can define outcalling intervals, whether they should be called for all messages or just Priority Messages, and whether the feature is active or not.

Outcalling can be a nuisance if the recipient is continually interrupted by message notifications. Priority Outcalling solves the problem by notifying the recipient of priority messages only. It is particularly useful for salespersons who typically receive many messages and must deal with them in order of priority.

The system administrator activates Outcalling using the System-Parameters Outcalling screen. The fields on this screen allow the administrator to set certain restrictions on outcalling activity. After outcalling has been activated and administered on the screen, an audit must be run; otherwise, the Outcalling feature will not work. Note that any time the administrator changes the number of ports available for the Outcalling feature, the switch-translations audit must be
run to activate those changes.

Priority Outcalling

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