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The Private Message feature provides subscribers with the ability to prevent a recipient from forwarding a voice mail message to other subscribers. In addition, people who reach the DEFINITY AUDIX system through the Call Answer feature can also prevent the recipient
from forwarding their message by invoking the Private Message feature.

Private messages can also be priority messages, or broadcast messages. They cannot also be
login announcements.

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Private messages cannot be sent via AMIS Analog Networking or Message Delivery.

Only the sender can cancel the Private Message status.

This feature is used to prevent DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers from forwarding particular messages to other subscribers. It can also be used to signal subscribers who use speakerphones that the message contains confidential information and should be listened to using the telephone handset.

You have the option of making a voice mail message private after addressing it by simply pressing . Callers with touch-tone phones can also prevent recipients from forwarding their Call Answer messages by pressing after approving their message.

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The Private Message status can be canceled by the sender by pressing again anytime before it is delivered. If a message is scheduled for future delivery (that is, if it is still in your outgoing mailbox), the Private Message status can be altered at any time before it is delivered. Private messages can also be priority messages.

Private Message

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