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Security Password

The Security Password feature prohibits unauthorized access to the DEFINITY AUDIX system. It prevents nonsubscribers from accessing confidential information, messages,
and lists. This feature incorporates the following security measures:

  • The system automatically disconnects callers who cannot
    log in after three attempts.
  • The system will lock a subscriber’s voice mailbox if the
    system limit of consecutive login attempts is reached
    (this limit is specified on the System-Parameters Features
    screen). If the limit is exceeded, the system
    administrator must unlock the mailbox using the Subscriber
  • The system administrator can set Password Aging for all
    passwords on the system which defines the number of
    days a password is active before a subscriber must
    enter a new password.

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The default system limit for consecutive failed login attempts is 18.

The maximum password length is 15 digits.

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Passwords should be at least six digits long

Subscribers should change their passwords regularly to keep their mailboxes secure. Password
Aging forces subscribers to change their password when their current password expires.

If Password Aging is active, the system administrator can force the expiration of the subscriber’s password.

Break-in attempts are logged and displayed using the Admin Log screen.

The Security Password feature has no requirements other than those of the DEFINITY AUDIX system itself. Additional security measures are available with the Security Password feature.

The system administrator can set up Password Aging for the system. Password Aging is administrable on the System-Parameters Features screen. The Password expiration interval specifies the number of days that a subscriber’s password is active. When the password expires, the subscriber must enter a new password. The Minimum Age before Changes field allows system administrators to specify the minimum number of days which must pass before subscribers can again change their password after a successful change. This prevents subscribers from changing their password, and then changing it back to its old value right

When Password Aging is active, anytime a system administrator adds a subscriber or changes a subscriber’s password, the subscriber must log in with the new, administered password. However, the subscriber is forced to change the password immediately after logging in the first time.

If Password Aging is active, the system administrator can force the expiration of a subscriber’s password by entering “e” in the Password field of the Subscriber screen.

Whether Password Aging is active or not, the system administrator can optionally set a minimum password length for extra security. If a minimum password length is specified on the System-Parameters Features screen, the system requires all subscribers who have shorter (invalid) passwords to change them the next time they log in. It is a good idea for the system
administrator to define a password that is shorter than the minimum password length when first setting up a mailbox for a subscriber. The subscriber will have to change the password the first time he/she logs in.

If a subscriber fails to enter a valid password three times in a row, the subscriber is disconnected and must dial in again. If an administrable number of failed login attempts occurs, the subscriber is locked out of the system until the administrator can release the login using the Subscriber screen.

Security Password

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