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Shared Extension

The Shared Extension feature allows several subscribers to share a voice mailbox on one extension. Callers are prompted to leave a message for a specific individual or a general message for anyone by pressing specific keys.

Up to ten subscribers can share the same extension.

Avaya Business Telephone Systems

The Shared Extension feature can provide voice messaging capabilities for several people who share a single telephone. For example, a university dormitory room has three roommates (Jerry Jones, Don Parker, and Brent Deven) but only one telephone number. By administering that extension as an Automated Attendant and creating three voice mailbox numbers that do not exist in the switch dial plan, each roommate can have a private mailbox without having a
separate telephone.

Avaya Business Telephone Systems

In this scenario, if the Automated Attendant answers the call, the voiced
attendant menu could be:

You have reached room 125 of Baker Dormitory. To leave a message for
Jerry Jones, press one. To leave a message for Don Parker, press two. To
leave a message for Brent Deven, press three. If you would like to leave a
message for all three roommates, press four.

By pressing [4], the caller would hear the greeting used for the Guest Password
feature and could then leave a message in the voice mailbox of the Automated
Attendant, activating the message-waiting lamp. If the caller were to leave a
message specifically for one of the roommates, the roommate would have to call
the DEFINITY AUDIX system or activate the Outcalling feature to know if a
message has been left.


Shared Extension

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