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The System Clock feature greatly enhances the reliability of the entire system by providing a switch-independent clock with battery backup. As with all voice messaging systems,
the DEFINITY AUDIX system is extremely dependent on accurate time keeping in order to put the correct time and date on message headers and to do time-dependent tasks
(such as automatic nightly backups). If the clock that the system depends upon is improperly set or malfunctions, messages can be deleted, improperly delivered, or otherwise
rendered useless.

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A warning alarm occurs if the switch clock and DEFINITY AUDIX System Clock are more than 15 minutes apart or if the System Clock fails.

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If a switch clock board is replaced or set to an incorrect time, the DEFINITY AUDIX system could receive the wrong time if it is synchronized with the switch. Ensure that the switch time is correct if you intend to synchronize it with the DEFINITY AUDIX system.

The DEFINITY AUDIX system knows about daylight savings time changes and will take care of the one hour time change without intervention from the system administrator.

The System Clock feature simply adds a reliable buffer to the DEFINITY AUDIX system against inaccurate time keeping. This is important since the clock is used to perform certain time-dependent tasks such as delivering messages at particular times.

Though the switch clock and DEFINITY AUDIX System Clock could be purposely set to different times (for example, one set to daylight savings time and the other not), the utility of this is probably marginal, and far overshadowed by the considerations of reliability and simplicity provided by synchronizing the clocks.

It is important that the DEFINITY AUDIX System Clock be accurate; it is less important that it and the switch clock be synchronized.

The System Clock is located on the TN568 circuit pack for Release 4.0 or the Multifunction Board for releases earlier than 4.0. and normally receives power from the backplane. In case of a system power outage, an on-board battery keeps the clock running until regular power is restored (the clock does not have to be reset after power-up). This lithium battery is soldered to the board and has an approximate 4-year lifespan. The battery does not discharge unless the board is plugged into the backplane.
If the clock resets after a power outage, the battery may be bad and the MFB should be replaced.

If the system ever starts up and no year is set, a major alarm occurs until the clock is set. The system uses its own clock as the master clock, and will not synchronize its time with the switch unless specifically directed to do so by the system administrator (using the Set Time screen).


System Clock

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