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Traffic Reports

The Traffic Reports feature collects data on system activities during specified hours, days, and months. These reports indicate how many subscribers are using the DEFINITY AUDIX system, when they use it, and how intensively. The system administrator can define report criteria to help manage system resources and determine when additional hardware
or administrative changes are necessary.

Traffic data collection is activated using the System-Parameters Features screen.

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Monitoring the failed logins, external field on the List Measurements Feature screen may provide an indication that illegal logins to the system are being attempted. If the number in this field is high, it may indicate that someone outside your system is repeatedly attempting to gain access to the system without having a legitimate login.

System Clock changes will impact data collection.

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The Traffic Reports feature is primarily used for the following tasks:

  • Evaluating actual system use as compared to projected use
  • Predicting future equipment requirements
    By generating periodic reports of actual system use, the system administrator
    can measure port activity and calculate the level of service that subscribers are
    receiving. This information can be used to determine when upgrades to the
    system or changes in subscribers’ classes of service are required.

The system administrator must access the traffic screens to display records of traffic data collected over a particular period of time (daily, hourly, or monthly). The administrator retrieves the screens via the administration terminal. For more information on the traffic screens, see DEFINITY AUDIX System Release 4.0 — Screens Reference, 585-300-213.

Data from all traffic screens can be copied to a personal computer (PC) using
ADAP. This data can then be manipulated by dBASE III PLUS programs.
Only the information contained within the fields on each screen is copied to the PC; the screens and field names are not copied (this allows the data to be stored in dBASE III PLUS format).


Traffic Reports

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