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Untouched Message

The Untouched Message feature provides subscribers with the ability to scan messages or message headers in the incoming section of the voice mailbox without changing the
status of the message from new to old, or from new to unopened. If the message is in the new category, and this feature is activated, the Message-Waiting Indicator (MWI) (either the message-waiting lamp or stutter dial tone) will remain active.

Avaya Business Telephone System

This feature is available only while accessing new and unopened messages in the incoming section of a subscriber’s voice mailbox.

Business Telephone Systems

Unopened and old messages cannot be changed back to new messages using this feature. However, an unopened message can retain its status using this feature.

The Untouched Message feature allows a secretary or other agent to review
another person’s new messages (or just the message headers) and leave those
messages in the new category of the incoming voice mailbox — leaving the MWI
active. The secretary can act on information contained in certain messages,
while allowing the addressed recipient to review other messages under their
original category.

Subscribers can also use this feature on their own messages to remind them to
listen to high-priority items again the next time they log in.

At any time while listening to new incoming messages, a subscriber may press [*] [*] [H]
(for Hold) to activate the Untouched Message feature. When activated,
the current message will be left in the new category and the next message
header will be played.


Untouched Message

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