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The Voice Mail is like a “verbal letter” that can be sent to one or more of the subscribers on the DEFINITY AUDIX system. The system, in this case, becomes an electronic post office that delivers spoken messages.

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Unlike the Call Answer feature (that offers the caller an opportunity to leave a message if the called party is unavailable), subscribers can use the Voice Mail feature to record a
message that is delivered directly to the recipient’s Voice Mailbox (much as a note or memo is delivered through company mail). Thus, the Voice Mail feature is a pro-active means of providing information, whereas the Call Answer feature is reactive.

Office Voice Mail Systems

Voice Mail is created, addressed, scheduled for delivery, sent, received, and stored in Voice Mailboxes.

If a message is created and the subscriber either restarts or disconnects without addressing it to
at least one person, the message will not be saved.

In addition to sending new Voice Mail messages, subscribers can review, modify, and resend messages that they created previously and then filed in the file cabinet section of their mailboxes.

To assist in addressing Voice Mail, the system offers the Directory feature that provides subscriber’s names or extensions.

The maximum Voice Mail message length (including menus or greetings) is 20 minutes.

Speed and volume controls are available.

Subscribers can use INTUITY Message Manager to create and transmit voice mail messages
using their PC.

Voice Mail is an invaluable tool in any situation where an easy one-way transfer of information is needed. For example, to inform an entire department about a scheduled meeting, one message can be recorded (including the date, time, location, and agenda of the meeting) and addressed using a Mailing List that contains the names or extensions of all the members of the department. The system will transmit a copy to each person on the list and inform them that the
message exists via the Message-Waiting Indicator (MWI) feature.

Voice Mail

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