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Voice Mailbox

A Voice Mailbox is a storage area on disk where voice mail messages are created and stored (the outgoing section of the mailbox), and where voice mail messages from other subscribers and call answer messages are received and accessed (the incoming section of the mailbox).

Messages and headers stored in a subscriber’s Voice Mailbox automatically expire after an interval set by the system administrator.

Personal greetings (used for Call Answer and Automated Attendant menus) are also stored in subscribers’ Voice Mailboxes. There is no expiration time limit for personal greetings.

Mailing Lists are also stored in subscribers’ Voice Mailboxes. There is no expiration time limit for Mailing Lists.

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If a subscriber is low on storage space in his/her Voice Mailbox, a warning message is given when the subscriber logs in to the system.

The Voice Mailbox feature has many applications. A voice mailbox is not only used to create and deliver voice mail messages to other subscribers, but it can also store messages (and other information) as shown in the following list.

  • Attendant Menu: This is a menu voiced by the system that provides callers
    with options for call transfers (no expiration).
  • Bulletin Board: Where messages are posted so that any caller can access
    them (no expiration).
  • File Cabinet: Where messages are saved (for reference) by subscribers in
    the outgoing section of their mailboxes (expiration is set by system administrator under outgoing mailbox).
  • Incoming Mailbox: Where new messages are received by subscribers and
    saved messages are stored.
  • Mailing Lists: These are addresses of regular DEFINITY AUDIX
    subscribers (no expiration).
  • Personal Greetings: These are personal messages used for the Call
    Answer feature (no expiration).
  • Undelivered Messages: These are messages scheduled for delivery but
    not yet sent.
  • Nondeliverable Messages: These are messages that could not be


Voice Mailbox

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