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Incoming Mailbox Operation

The incoming section of the mailbox receives messages from DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers, guest-password users, the DEFINITY AUDIX system (nondeliverable message notification), and all callers who are redirected to the system through the Call Answer features. These messages may be saved, deleted, sent back to the sender, or forwarded to another subscriber with a message attached (unless the message has been defined as private).

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The DEFINITY AUDIX system separates your incoming mail into three categories:
new, unopened, and old. Unless your system administrator has reset the order,
you will hear them in the following order:

New Messages: Messages and headers that have not yet been listened to. If you have a message-waiting lamp, it turns off after you have listened to all of your new messages. However, when a message is retained in the new message category, using the Untouched Message feature, the message-waiting lamp remains lit.

Unopened Messages Messages whose headers you have heard, but the message itself you have not yet listened to. The message-waiting lamp does not stay on for an unopened message after you listen to its header.

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Old Messages You can also ask your system administrator to set the order in which your individual messages are heard within the incoming section of your mailbox: either the last message received to be the first one played (lifo) or the first message received to be the
first one played (fifo). Note that Broadcast Messages are always played first followed by any
Priority Messages that you receive.


Incoming Mailbox Operation

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