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Voice Mailbox Operation

Subscribers access their Voice Mailboxes by logging into the DEFINITY AUDIX system. Subscribers may use a touch-tone voice terminal or telephone (recommended) or a rotary phone if a tone generator is used. Subscribers first dial the main DEFINITY AUDIX number. When the system answers, they enter their extension number and password. The password preserves security for the system and prevents unauthorized access to subscribers’ messages.

After a subscriber logs in, the system plays a Login Announcement (if one is active), and then voices the name of the subscriber. The system next reports the number of broadcast, priority, private, and other new messages (if any) that were received. Each message consists of two parts: the header and the message itself (you might think of headers as envelopes that contain your messages).

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Your messages will contain the following information:


The time and date of delivery and the type of message: Call Answer, AMIS Analog, or Voice Mail. You will also be notified if the message is a private, priority, or broadcast message. If
your incoming message is from another DEFINITY AUDIX subscriber, the system will tell you the sender’s name and extension number. With Call Answer, the system will tell you the
name and extension number of the caller if the caller is a subscriber on your system. If the call is from an internal caller who is not a DEFINITY AUDIX subscriber, the system will tell
you the extension number of the caller, but not the name.

The caller’s spoken message or, in the case of a nondeliverable
message notification, a standard system message.

Avaya Business Telephone Systems

Voice Mailboxes are divided into two sections: the incoming mailbox, and the
outgoing mailbox.


Voice Mailbox Operation

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