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IP Office System Features

Account Codes
Automatic Call Distribution/ Hunt Groups
Bridged Appearance
Call Appearance
Call Barring
Call Coverage
Caller Display
Dial Emergency
External Control Port
Group Paging
Hold Music
Hot Desking
Incoming Call Route
Intrusion Warning Code
Key & Lamp Operation
Least Cost Routes
Line Appearance
Maximum Call Length
Night Service
Off-Switch Call Inhibit
Outgoing Calls
PIN Restricted Calling
Personal Fax Numbers

Short Codes
Speed Dials
Time Profiles

IP Office Extension Features

Absent Text
Call Coverage
Call Forwarding
Call Hold
Call Intrude
Call Park
Call Pickup
Call Steal / Acquire Call
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Clear Call Waiting
Conference Calls
Dial Ahead
Dial On Pickup
Distinctive Ringing
Do Not Disturb
Enhanced Intrusion
(Whisper Page)

Follow Me
Handset Dial By Name
Hot Transfer
Hold Call Waiting
Meet-Me Conference
Monitor Calls
Ring Back When Free
Relay On/Off/Pulse
Suspend Call Waiting
Toggle Calls


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Avaya one-X Quick Edition


Avaya one-X™ Quick Edition 4621 phones connect directly to your LAN and configure themselves. A complete solution is operational in minutes.

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Avaya one-X™ Quick Edition


Avaya one-X Quick Edition


Avaya one-X™ Quick Edition delivers intelligent communications to very small businesses and small branches of enterprises. SIP-based peer-to-peer technology means set up and installation is dramatically simplified.

With Quick Edition, you simply plug ready-to-use IP telephones into your local area network (LAN) and in a few simple steps the system is ready. Quick Edition is so simple to set up, configure and use, most users can install and administer the system themselves. In minutes, users have access to voicemail, conferencing, auto attendant and more.

Because Quick Edition does not need a server, small businesses and branch offices can now get the communications capabilities they need without having to invest in costly centralized hardware.

Key Benefits:

Small Business:

For small businesses of less than 20 users, Avaya one-X Quick Edition provides a cost effective way to get access to large enterprise features at a fraction of the cost:
• Purchasing telephones as needed helps to keep costs down—scale quickly and easily.
• Easy to install—simply plug the phones into the LAN and phones automatically find and back up each other.
• Intelligent communications capabilities enhance small business productivity.
• Low total cost of ownership—with elimination of centralized servers.

Branch Office:

For small branch offices of larger enterprises, Avaya one-X Quick Edition provides a cost effective way for IT/Telecom Managers to rapidly deploy head office functionality in remote sites:
• Quicker onsite installation process—reduces need for onsite technical support.
• Lower TCO with the elimination of centralized servers (acquisition, deployment and maintenance).
• Rapid roll out of business productivity features such as voicemail, conferencing and auto attendant.

Robust feature set

Avaya one-X Quick Edition delivers the communications features small offices rely on most:
• The basics—Hold, Conference, Transfer, etc.
• Voicemail—20 minutes of voicemail per phone
• Auto attendant capabilities for automatically answering and routing calls
• Speed dialing
• A call log/history of up to 100 incoming/outgoing calls
• System and personal directories
• Call forwarding
• Group-dialing
• Desktop paging

  • It’s all in the phone

Because it does not require a server, all the intelligence is in the telephones. The telephones use
SIP-based, peer-to-peer to automatically discover each other, establish a network, assign themselves extension numbers, build a corporate directory, and perform system configuration.

  • Built-in backup

Eliminating the centralized hardware creates a more reliable system. Any of the telephones on the Quick Edition network can act as a backup for each other— no single point of failure will cause the entire network to fail. Even if a phone fails, all call-processing functions are preserved. For example, you can still collect voicemail messages to that extension and incoming calls will
continue to be forwarded.

  • Simple system management

Quick Edition telephones, as well as the PSTN gateway, can be administered via any PC that is connected to the network (locally or remotely) using a web-based administration interface.

  • A cost-effective, scalable solution

For offices that need more communications capabilities
—for example enhanced customer service functionality
—you can move up to larger Avaya solutions.
Simply keep your phones, change the software, and install a gateway if needed.


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