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Troubleshooting Merlin Magix

Cannot Transfer Call after Answer on an Outside Line

Possible Cause 1: There may be Custom Calling features (for example, Call Waiting or Three-Way Calling) from the local telephone company that are interfering with system timer settings.

What to do: To check whether you have any Custom Calling features, contact your local telephone company representative.
• If you have Custom Calling features, Transfer usually works. When it does not, warn the caller that a loud tone will sound; then dial # while on the call and try to transfer the call again. If you can transfer the call, you have solved the problem. If you cannot, go to Possible Cause 2. If you do not use the Custom Calling features, ask the central office to remove them.
• If you have no custom calling features, go to Possible Cause 2.

Possible Cause 2: The telephone may be defective.

What to do: Test the telephone by replacing it with a similar telephone that you know is working properly.
• If the replacement telephone can transfer a call, then replace it with the original telephone and check again. If the original telephone still cannot transfer a call, then the original telephone may be defective. Call Carroll Communications at 732-751-0101 (consultation charges may

• If the replacement telephone cannot transfer a call, there may be a problem with the system wiring or the control unit.

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