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Entering the CBC License

CBC is a licensed application, with one license required per copy of CBC being run. License ares entered into the IP Office configuration and are unique to the serial number of the systems Feature Key.

Features keys are available in parallel port, USB port and serial port forms. The serial port version plugs directly into the control unit of IP Office Small Office Edition, IP406 V2 and IP412 systems. The parallel port and USB port versions plug into a PC that is connected to the IP Office LAN.

This sections assumes that an IP Office feature key has already been installed.   

  • For a parallel port or USB port feature Key:

    • The Feature Key Server application must be installed on the same PC as the feature key is inserted. This application is found on the IP Office Administrator Applications CD.

    • It is recommended that the Feature Key Server PC is given a fixed IP address. That address should then be entered as the License Server IP Address in the IP Office configuration (found on the System | System tab).

  • For a serial port feature key:

    • The serial port feature key plugs directly into the 9-pin serial port of the control unit.

    • The License Server IP Address in the IP Office configuration (found on the System | System tab) should be set to be blank.


Entering the CBC License

  1. Have the license ready, preferably in an electronic form that can be cut and pasted into the configuration.  

  2. Start IP Office Manager and click to load the IP Office configuration.

  3. In the left-hand panel, click License.

  4. Double-click on the right-hand panel.

  5. Enter the CBC license key and click OK. It should appear as Compact Business Center with a Status of Unknown.

  6. Click the configuration back to the IP Office.

  7. Click and reload the IP Office configuration.

  8. Check that the license's Status is now Valid.

  9. Proceed to Installing the Delta Server.


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