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Installing the CBC Software

  1. Insert the IP Office Administrator Applications CD into the CD Drive.

  2. The CD should auto-start and display an Chose Setup Language dialog. Click Cancel to close the automatic installation.

  3. Select My computer or Windows Explorer.

  4. Right click on the drive containing the CD and select Open or Explore.

  5. Open the CBC folder. This should contain two sub-folders, one for CBC itself and one for Delta Server.

  6. Open the CBC sub-folder (the sub-folder may be labeled with the CBC version).

  7. Double click setup.exe.

  8. Chose the required installation language and click OK.

  9. The InstallShield Wizard will start. Click Next.

  10. The software will now start being installed. When completed click Finish.

  11. The CBC is not configured to auto-start. Data is not collected for periods when CBC is not running. Therefore it is recommend that you copy the CBC program shortcut (Start | Programs | CCC | CBC) to the Startup folder (Start | Programs | Startup).

  12. Proceed to Starting CBC (First Time).

Starting CBC (First Time)

  1. Click Start.

  2. Select Programs and then CCC.

  3. Click CBC.

  4. As this is the first time CBC has been started, it will perform a network search for the IP Office Delta Server.

  5. The name of the PC running the Delta Server should appear in the list. Click the name to select it and then click Connect.

  6. The CBC will now start its initial configuration.

  7. Click on the first button. The Dn Search windows menu is displayed.

  1. Use this to select the group required and then click on OK. Selecting a shift time limits the period during which alarms may occur.

  2. Repeat for the other groups, then click OK.

  3. An configuration menu for email notification is displayed. This requires that the CBC PC has a configured MAPI compliant email client such as Outlook.

  4. Click OK.

  5. The CBC application is now started with an almost blank screen.

  6. Proceed to Creating Charts.




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