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Accessing the Delta Server

The Delta Server runs as a Windows service which is started/stopped through the Service option of the Windows Control Panel. However to configure and manage the Delta Service, it is accessed through a web browser interface.

  1. Click Start.

  2. Select Programs | CCC.

  3. Click Delta Server.

  4. Internet Explorer should start and access the address http://client:8080.

  5. If the Delta Server has just been installed, you need to configure with which IP Office system it communicates. Proceed to Comms (IP Office) Configuration.


Problems Accessing the Delta Server

If you encounter problems connecting to the IP Office SMDR (Delta Server) using Internet Explorer. You may need to enable Bypass proxy for local addresses. To enable this option:

  1. In Internet Explorer Select Tools | Internet Options...

  2. Select the Connections Tab

  3. Click LAN Settings

  4. In the Proxy server part of the window check Bypass proxy for local addresses.

Comms (IP Office) Configuration

The Delta Server Comms screen is used to set with IP Office the Delta Server communicates.

  1. Access the Delta Server using Start | Programs | CCC | Delta Server.

  2. In the left-hand panel click Comms.

  3. Select the required IP Office system from the Connection drop-down.

  4. If the require system is not listed, enter its IP address in the Search box and click Search.

    • The Multimedia options relate to IP Office CCC installation and are not covered here.

  5. Once the correct system is selected, click Apply.

  6. Proceed to Installing the CBC Software.


Note: If the IP Office name or IP address is changed, it is essential to reconnect the IP Office SMDR.




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