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Key Performance Indicators

The bottom of the CBC screen shows a range of 'key performance indicators' for the system. These are either current figures or cumulative for the current day.

These details are updated every 10 seconds.

  • Active Alarms
    Shows if any alarms are currently active. If a single alarm is active, its name is shown. If several alarms are active, Multiple is shown. See Alarms for further details.

  • Last Alarm
    Shows the last alarm and when it occurred.

  • Calls Presented
    The number of calls presented both internally and externally.

  • Calls Answered
    The total number of calls that answered. The percentage figure is the percentage of calls answered against calls presented.

  • Calls Lost
    The total number of calls lost. The percentage figure is the percentage of calls lost against calls presented.

  • Active Incoming Calls
    The number of incoming calls currently in progress.

  • Active Outgoing Calls
    The number of outgoing calls currently in progress. Note that internal calls are also seen as outgoing.

  • Outgoing
    The total number of calls made during the day.

  • Calls Queued
    The total number of calls in a queue, which are not ringing on a phone (both internal and external).

  • Available Lines
    The total number of free and busy lines available. i.e. trunk utilization. The percentage figure shows the percentage of total lines in comparison to the available lines.

  • Available Agents
    This shows the number of agents logged on. The percentage figure shows the number of agents in a ready state as a percentage of all agents on the telephone switch.

  • Caller Patience
    The average waiting time by a caller at the point when the call was lost.

  • Longest Call Waiting
    The duration of the longest active call waiting.


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