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Compact Business Center is enabled by a license key and provides real time and historical analysis with export in CSV format to Excel or other reporting packages.

The system as part of a client/server relationship, the Delta Server (which is also the engine for IP Office SMDR and Compact Contact Center), powers the server piece. The client software (CBC) can be installed on any client workstation (as defined in the technical considerations section).

The Compact Business Center applications allow the user to create a maximum of 4 real time graphs, in any of 6 different graph types e.g. bar, pie, etc. These real time graphs display statistics for either the entire system or any three-departments/hunt groups.

  • Department/Hunt Groups.

  • Period start time (24hr period).

  • Period end time (24hr period).


In order to define the real time graphs the user may select 3 variables of their choice. The following variables are available:

  • Total Calls Presented

  • Total Calls Answered

  • Total Calls Lost

  • Total Outgoing Answered

  • Number of available 'Logged-on agents'

  • Trunk Utilization

  • Calls waiting

  • Active incoming/outgoing Calls
    The number of calls currently in progress across the entire system highlighting a snap shot view of call activity. This allows the user to have some insight into the balance between agent resource availability and call traffic load.

  • Caller satisfaction level

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It is possible to split these variables into two categories i.e. incoming and outgoing calls. These figures can be displayed permanently both in a numerical format and as a percentage of the total calls presented on the incoming side and all variables associated with outgoing. For example, outgoing answered as a percentage of the total outgoing calls made. A status bar provides a visual indication for each variable.

Historical analysis is provided by allowing the user to select the same variables, containing yesterday's data, so they can analyze the previous days performance against today's. Historical report capture can cover a maximum 31-day period. Data is stored in a CSV format enabling the export of the data into a reporting application that supports the CSV format e.g. Microsoft Excel. The advantage to the customer is the option to use the reporting package of their choice and not be restricted to one data mining report package.

Key Benefits

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    Provides small businesses with robust contact center measurements produced in an easily understandable format.

  • Standards Based
    Data is output to a CSV file format that is used by Microsoft Excel™. Customer can import format to other reporting applications.

  • Ease of Use
    CBC's real-time charts are presented in an easily understandable graphical format, all information is contained in one single view, perfect for the small business.

Compact Contact Center

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