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Compact Contact Center (CCC)

Compact Contact Center is a pre-packaged suite of 4 modules that runs as a client/server application. The suite of pre-packaged modules consists of Call Center View, Wallboard Manager, Report Manager, and the Multimedia Module. It is designed to provide a tightly integrated real time and historic reporting package and wallboard support for IP Office. The Compact Contact Center has been designed to allow customers to manage their customer facing department or contact center effectively and improve the service they provide to their customers. The product consists of a set of fully integrated modules sharing a common database with IP Office. The benefit of this approach is that there is a single point of configuration, therefore the system is far easier to use and update than traditional call center management tools whilst accuracy is assured through the single configuration database held on IP Office.

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Call Center View

Whilst Wallboard Services are useful for monitoring the service provided by the Customer facing department in real time, human resource management is required to manage customer service effectively. Call Center View provides the customer with the combination of real time service monitoring and resource management, allowing a supervisor to balance and manage their resources (i.e. staffing levels against the traffic levels of incoming calls) and therefore improve customer service and reduce costs. Call Center View contains 18 real time screens showing all aspects of the Contact Center activity.

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Many traditional management information systems (MIS) rely on a busy supervisor constantly monitoring queues and agents. Avaya have taken the approach that allows Call Center View to do the work and only informs the supervisor when a problem has or is about to occur i.e. exception management and reporting. Alarms may be set on up to 16 parameters per device, ensuring that a supervisor will automatically be informed should an exception occur, thus freeing the supervisor to continue with other, more productive activities.

Wallboard Manager

Two types of wallboards are available – traditional wall mounted units and PC based wallboards on the agent’s PC desktop. Both types of wallboards are managed from Wallboard Manager. Wallboard Manager is a PC based application utilizing a standard PC running Windows NT4/2000/XP. The Wallboard Manager architecture has been designed to be upgradeable as users requirements expand, allowing the same PC hardware platform to be used to support additional CCC modules. Additional wallboard clients may be added and distributed across the LAN allowing additional supervisors access to create and schedule wallboard messages.

Traditional Wall Mounted Wallboards

CCC supports two physical wallboards (also known as reader boards or display boards); Spectrum (model 3214C, previously known as the 4120C) and the CCM WB/22. Both wallboards are 22 characters, tri-color, and two-line unit each. Up to 16 wallboards may be driven from the wallboard server. The Spectrum wallboard, when purchased as a Master Kit, will provide a communications module for use with the boards, which are then connected in serial. For those using the Wallboard/22, the communications card is shipped with a single cable able to drive the wallboards.

PC Wallboard

The PC Wallboard delivers traditional wallboard functionality to the contact center manager and contact center agent’s desktop but with the additional benefit of each agent being able to configure and monitor a personalized view of the contact center via their own PC wallboard. A CCC agent is able to split their PC Wallboard into twenty (20) different variables (refer to CCC System Administrator manual for details) that allow different measures of groups and agents in real-time. The data that is selected is identical to that of the physical wallboard. Examples of this are; Answered Calls, Longest Call Waiting, Agents logged in, and Lost Calls. CCC version 4 also provides a supervisor template that will prevent users from continually changing the parameters without permission.

Report Manager and Report Designer

The Report Manager provides in depth historical reporting on the customer-facing department’s activity. Report Manager provides 48 standard reports for measuring both overall contact center call handling and individual/team performance to enable improved human resource management. The user can configure these standard report templates by parameter (in terms of date range, group, shift etc) to create their own 'management ready' reports. These reports can be scheduled to run at a specified date and time, or repeated at defined intervals.

Report Designer may be optionally added to allow the user to create custom reports, or modify and change standard reports, providing total flexibility in the presentation of traffic and agent information. Report Designer is aimed at the call center manager who requires a greater degree of flexibility via completely customizable reports and ad hoc querying to allow better-informed decisions. Report Designer adds the flexibility of only generating reports when exceptions occur and allows reports to be exported in a variety of formats.

MultiMedia Module

The MultiMedia Module, which has been created in conjunction with the Compact Contact Center, is an advanced call center solution that enables companies and departments to manage multimedia contacts into and out of the organization. IM provides applications that manage telephony, web chat, e-mail and web call back communications. These robust applications convert any organization into a multi-channel, enterprise-wide customer contact center that will accept multimedia calls and route them to specified members of a group (or groups).

MMM furnishes the user interface and support modules for assigning group members to specific communications related responsibilities. MMM routes customer interactions to the right people, generates contacts lists, monitors both the system and individual performance and hence ensures that customers are entitled to individualized attention, no matter who they may encounter in your company.

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