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Configuring Voicemail Pro for Conferencing Center

Upon proper installation and configuration of Conferencing Center, it is already connected to Voicemail via the switch. The basic function of inviting a participant to join a conference is set up. However, if customized actions are needed, such as  a short code for internal participants to join a conference or when a participant enters the wrong conference ID or PIN, among many others, then Voicemail Pro 3.0 needs to be configured.

Creating a conference access short-code

For internal Conferencing Center participants, they can join an active conference via a short-code, rather then dialing a bridge number each time. To enable this method of joining a scheduled conference, steps need to be taken in Voicemail Pro and Manager.

  1. In Voicemail Pro: Create a Conferencing Center module to handle conference actions.

    • From Start | Programs | IP Office open Voicemail Pro.

    • Right-click Modules and select Add.

    • In Name enter Conferenc (because the name field has a limit of 9 characters) and select OK.

    • Click in the right-hand pane of the application to place the start point.

    • Click the Telephony Actions in the toolbar and select Conferencing Center.

    • Click in the right-hand pane of the application to place the action.

    • Connect Start Point to Conferencing Center.

    • Click Save & Make Live on the toolbar.  

  1. In Manager, select Shortcode and add a new shortcode for Conferencing Center. Remember to set the Telephone Number field to the name of the Conferencing Center module (name must be exact because Conferencing Center is case sensitive) and the Feature field to VoicemailCollect.

  2. Test the shortcode by dialing *shortcodeNumber. The phrase, "Please enter your conference ID and press # (pound/hash) to finish" should be played.


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