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Scheduler Overview

The Conferencing Center Scheduler allows users to create and manage conferences. A conference can be booked as a stand-alone audio conference or in conjunction with a web-based conference where real-time voting, presentation display and mute all can be initiated by the conference host.

The features available on the Conferencing Center Scheduler will vary depending on whether you are logged on as a regular user or an administrator. The following tabs will be available to you as a regular user:

  • Conferences - Enables you to book a conference, view your pending conferences, view your in-progress conferences and view conference resources.

  • My Profile - Enables you to  manage your own user account.

  • Help - Access to help files and video tutorials.

  • Exit - Exit the Scheduler.

With each log-on or each time the Conference tab is clicked and there are no conferences pending, a pop-up message displays stating "No Conferences Found". Click OK and navigate to the desired page. If you have pending conferences, a list of these conferences will display.

Logging onto the Conferencing Scheduler

You must have a User account and password to access the Conferencing Center Scheduler. Make sure the User ID and Password are exactly as those assigned by the Conferencing Center administrator because they are case sensitive. You will have 3 attempts to log onto Conferencing Center. After the third unsuccessful attempt, you will be directed to a failed log in page. If you do not have a user account or have forgotten your User ID and/or Password, please contact the Conferencing Center administrator.

To start the Scheduler:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.

  2. Enter the URL as follows: http://<web_server_name>/AVECS.  Hit the Enter key.

  3. Enter your User ID and Password. Note: Conferencing Center is case sensitive.

  4. Click Logon. If you have pending conferences, a list of these conferences will display.  If you do not have conferences pending, a message stating "No Conferences Found" will display.  Click OK and navigate to the desired page.

Exiting the Scheduler

Exit the Conferencing Center Scheduler by clicking the Exit button. You are redirected to the browser home page.  



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