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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.

Avaya IP Office Technical Tips

IP Office Contact Store


The Contact Store stores recorded calls in specific formats with certain security in place. As you use the ContactStore, you need to be aware that access to recordings is strictly controlled according to the security constraints you configure within the System Administration pages. Each recording has an owner; the call owner is the number of the station that recorded the call.

IP Office ContactStore stores recorded calls with certain security in place. Access to recordings is strictly controlled according to the security constraints configured within the System Administration pages. Each recording has an owner; the call owner is the number of the extension that recorded the call. You can specify to which extension each user has replay rights. The user can search for and replay calls 'owned' by those stations. Typically an individual may be given rights to replay calls owned by their own extension number while managers may have rights to extension numbers of all their staff.

Recording files

Calls are stored in an industry standard .wav file.

When each call is completed and as each recording becomes available, ContactStore compresses the audio if necessary, and updates the database with a record of the call. These files are stored in a hierarchy of folders beneath a root path, which defaults to \calls beneath the path in which you installed the software.

Every recording results in:

One .wav file.
The .wav files contain the actual audio of the recording. You can double-click some .wav files to play them directly. Others are in audio formats that are not directly supported by Microsoft's Media Player; these must be converted into a supported format before they can be played. Since ContactStore's Search and Replay application does this conversion automatically, you do not need to access these files directly.

One .xml file.
The .xml files contain details about the recorded calls. Although most users typically search against the ContactStore’s database of calls, you can view these files directly in a browser if required. Within each .xml file there are:

All the details known about this recording. Most of the information, but not all, will be inserted into the calls database. Some of the information is only of interest for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

A link to the final audio file.

Start and end time.

You should always back up both .xml and .wav files to ensure a complete record of the content and context of your recordings. When in use, the integral DVD archiver automatically backs up these files.

Audio compression

ContactStore uses the G.726 16kbps ADPCM compression standard, which provides the best compromise between storage capacity and CPU loading.

ContactStore is designed to perform compression as a background task, which does not impact your ability to record, search or play other calls. It takes approximately 1 minute to compress a two hour recording; there is a delay (from a few seconds to a few minutes) between completion of a recording and its availability in the Search and Replay application.


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