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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI is about bridging the gap between the telephone system and business applications. On IP Office, this is achieved by use of the IP Office CTI Link, a CTI middleware product and Software Developers Kit.

With IP Office, CTI is delivered through adherence to open standards. This gives customers access to a wide range of third-party solutions, addressing vertical markets, and designed to meet their requirements. For developers, migrating their offering from other platforms to IP Office is quick and easy, and the advanced CTI features IP Office offers makes it easy to demonstrate full integration, and more business benefits.

IP Office provides two levels of CTI interoperability: CTI Link Lite, which is free of charge, provides all the functionality required to support the vast majority of applications, including screen popping, and many third-party products.

CTI Link Pro provides enhanced functionality, including the ability to control more than one telephony device, and also provides advanced call center operation.

Because the network is integrated into the fabric of the IP Office system, all CTI is done through the LAN. On many other systems, CTI is delivered by a physical connection between each handset and computer (first party CTI). This introduces additional points of failure, as well as relying on non-standard interfaces and handsets. On IP Office, all devices can be used with CTI.

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CTI Benefits

CTI delivers real business benefits in the following key areas: Reducing costs, increasing productivity and delivering better customer service.

Often helpdesks or contact centers are overloaded with phone calls which results in customers having to wait for an available agent and then answer a long list of trivial questions before the real purpose of the call is addressed. Sometimes callers are transferred to many different departments before reaching someone able to assist them. This type of service results not only in errors and inconsistencies in data entry and information relayed to a caller, but also to unhappy customers and lost time and profits.

Reducing Costs

Half the cost of running a call center, service center or helpdesk is tied up in labor, 40 per cent in communications charges and less than 10 per cent in equipment. Saving seconds on each call can make a big difference enabling agents to be more efficient, deliver a better service and dramatically reduce company overheads.

In a helpdesk or call center with a high volume of phone calls each day, it takes many agents to handle these calls efficiently. Callers may have to wait for an available agent, which increases costs to the customer and can be a potential loss of business, due to abandoned calls and unhappy customers.

With CTI, costs can be reduced through the following:

• Shortening the average length and duration of calls thereby maximizing the number of talk minutes per hour and reducing the required number of staff

• Reducing/reducing telephone line requirements

• By using CLI/ANI, automating the call-back of inbound abandoned calls, the warm leads, and outbound calls that were unanswered or received a busy signal

• Professionalism improves the company image thereby increasing the volume of customer calls

Increasing Productivity

By implementing CTI, organizations can reduce the average duration of each call, ensuring that a higher percentage of call time is spent productively. This extra time can be used to handle a larger call volume, without increasing staffing levels.

Better Customer Service

With CTI, customer service can be improved in the following ways:

• Offering a faster, more personalized service based on CLI/ANI, DDI/DID and voice processing input by minimizing time spent on the ‘discovery’ phase of the call

• Providing a higher degree of accuracy of data entry

• Retaining customer information on transfer (avoiding the need to request or repeat information when transferred to another agent)

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Computer Telephony Integration CTI

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