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Proxy Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

Support for Proxy Address Resolution Protocol allows IP Office to respond on behalf of the IP address of a device connected to it when receiving an ARP request.


Auto Connect

If a service is idle, that is no one is using the Internet, Auto Connect allows the IP Office to periodically connect to a service. This is ideal for mail polling to retrieve email from an Internet Service Provider. An 'Auto Connect Time Profile' controls the time period during which automatic calls are made, for example not at weekends or during the middle of the night.



IP Office integrated firewall provides packet filtering of the most common IP protocols including File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Internet browsing (HTTP). Each protocol passing through the firewall can be restricted/allowed access in four different ways:

  • Drop
    No sessions via this protocol will be allowed through the wall

  • In
    An incoming session can "punch a hole" in the wall to allow traffic in both directions

  • Out
    An outgoing session can "punch a hole" in the wall to allow traffic in both directions

  • Bothway
    An incoming or outgoing sessions can "punch a hole" in the wall to allow traffic in both directions.


In cases where a protocol is not supported by default, the firewall can be customized to control packets based on their content.

IP Office allows the configuration of as many firewalls as needed through IP Office Manager. This permits different security regulations to be applied to individual dial-in users and data services.





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