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Integral 10/100 Mbit Layer 2 Ethernet Switch

  • IP Office - Small Office Edition & IP406 V2 Only.

All the IP Office - Small Office Edition platforms provide a four port Layer 2 Ethernet Switch. The IP406 V2 provides an 8 port Layer 2 Ethernet switch.

Each port auto-senses its operational speed, 10M or 100M. In addition to the four port layer 2 switch, IP Office - Small Office Edition has a fifth Ethernet port (labeled WAN) with its own IP Address (LAN2) intended for connecting to external xDSL or Cable Modems. This fifth port is a Layer 3 switch to the other four ports.

Integral 10/100 Mbit Layer 3 Ethernet Switch

  • IP Office - Small Office Edition & IP412 Only.

Layer 3 switching is particularly useful in situations where it is desirable to have a ‘trusted’ and ‘unsecured’ network, where the ‘unsecured’ network is uncontrolled and carries public traffic on it.

It is possible to set up a firewall between two LAN segments using the IP Office layer 3 switch. Small Office Edition offers a firewall between its four port Layer 2 Ethernet switch and its Layer 3 Ethernet WAN port, while IP412 supports a two-port Layer 3 Ethernet switch with the firewall between them. Both of these switched ports have their own IP addresses (LAN1 and LAN2) and in order for traffic to pass from one port to the other, a route is configured in the system’s routing tables. Layer 3 switching is available on IP Office - Small Office Edition & IP412 Only.

DHCP Server

IP Office can manage your IP Network for you through its integral DHCP Server. IP Office can be configured to hold a pool of IP addresses for users on the Local Area Network. When a user powers up their PC, the system will allocate them an IP address for the duration of their session. The DHCP server also provides the user's PC with the address of the Domain Name Service (DNS) server and the Windows Name Service (WINS) server. Alternatively, for customers who have a separate DHCP Server, IP Office can be configured to obtain its address from that DHCP server or be set with its own static IP address. Both IP Office - Small Office Edition and IP412 have two independent DHCP servers, one dedicated to each of the Layer 3 switched LANs.




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