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Light-Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

IP Office supports LDAP directory synchronization. This allows the telephone number Directory (names and telephone numbers) held in IP Office to be synchronized with the information on an LDAP server (limited to 500 entries). Although targeted for interoperation with 'Windows 2000 Server Active Directory', the feature is sufficiently configurable to interoperate with any server that supports LDAP version 2 or higher.


Remote Access Server (RAS)

IP Office provides RAS functionality allowing external users to dial in to the local area network from modems, telephone adaptors and routers. Several of the previously described features and services can be applied to the dial-in users to create a powerful Remote Access Server. Dial-in users can be authenticated using either PAP or CHAP. Once authenticated the DHCP server can automatically assign the user an IP address to use while connected to the LAN. Individual time profiles and firewalls can be applied to the user restricting what they have access to and when they have access. For further security and accounting ease, IP Office can automatically call a user back. This keeps the cost of the telephone call on the company telephone bill removing the need to process individual expense claims.


Transaction Packet Assembler Dissembler (TPAD)

TPAD is a lightweight version of the X.25 protocol used in the retail market for transaction processing. Through faster transaction processing a retailer can reduce the floor limit of credit authorizations and benefit from lower transaction charges. A PDQ or credit card "swipe" telephone can utilize the digital trunks, via the DTE port or the USB on the rear of the IP Office. Since the link between the main unit and the transaction authenticator is digital no modems are required at either end.



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