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Feature Dial Codes

Dial Code
Account Code Entry feature 12 + account code + feature 12
Background Music feature19 to turn on and off
Call Coverage feature 20 + your extension and covering extension
Call Forwarding/Call Follow-Me feature 11 + your extension + extension where you want your calls to ring
Call Recording feature 24 to turn on and off
This feature requires a button with lights.
Call Screening feature 25 You can program this button via Central Telephone Programming only.
Conference Drop feature 06
The last added outside party is dropped from a conference call.
Do Not Disturb feature 01 to turn on and off
This feature requires a button with lights.
Exclusive Hold feature 02
Last Number Redial feature 05
Message Light On/Off To turn on: feature 09 + extension
To turn off: feature 10 + extension
Privacy feature 07
This feature requires a button with lights.
Recall feature 03
Save Number Redial To save a number: feature 04 after dialing the
number, but before hanging up
To redial a stored number: feature 04
Voice Cover feature 15
Voice Mailbox Access intercom 777
Voice Mail Transfer feature 14

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