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Make a Call

To make an outside call:

  1. Press Speaker, a line button, or lift the handset.
  2. If required, dial the outside line code, usually 9, and then dial
    the telephone number.

To make an inside call:

  1. Press either intercom button.
  2. Lift the handset, if desired.
  3. Dial an extension.

Answer a Call

To answer an outside call or inside call:

  • Press the button for the line you wish to answer, lift the
    handset, or press Speaker.

To enable Hands-Free Answer on Intercom:

  • Press mic which allows you to respond to voice-signaled
    (not ringing) intercom calls without having to lift the handset
    or press any buttons.

Use the Hold Feature

1 While active on a call, press hold

2 To retrieve a call from hold while on the handset or speaker, press the line button next to the winking green light (a call you put on hold) or the winking red light (a call put on hold at
another extension).

Transfer a Call to an Extension

1 Press Transfer

2 Dial the extension number.

3 Perform one of the following steps:

  • To transfer the call without announcing it, hang up.
  • To announce the call before transferring it, wait for the called party to answer. When the called party answers, announce the call. To complete the transfer, hang up.

If you want to cancel the transfer and return to that call, press the intercom button or line button of the call you were transferring.

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