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Avaya IP Office Business Telephone System

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IP Office telephone systems
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Avaya IP Office


Trouble Shooting

Information for Escalating a Case
Call Quality: Analog Calls Cutting Off
Calls Hanging Up/ Clearing Down Without Audible or Visual Evidence of Dialing
Calls Over IP Trunk Disconnect Without Busy Tone
Incoming Calls to IP Phones Do Not Have Complete Transmission
ISDN Calls Cutting Off
VoIP Calls Echo or Have Poor Speech Quality
Call Routing: Attempts to Dial Out Locally Get Routed Over VoIP Trunks
Delay Between Incoming Analog Line Ringing and Call Presented to Extensions
Enabling Fax Machines to Dial Out Without Dialing 9
Incoming Calls Connected Together
LCR for Routing Calls Over IP Lines Not Working
Can not set the outgoing caller ID (ICLID/CLI) information to a specified number
User Cannot Make External Calls and Phone Displays "No User"
User is Unable to Make Internal or External Calls
User is Unable to Receive Calls
VoIP Calls Not Tagged with Priority over Data Packets
DTE Port Maintenance
Hunt Group Forwarding Not Working
Message Waiting Lights Not Displayed When Message is Left for a Hunt Group
Calls to a Hunt Group with an overflow group configured do not get sent to the overflow Hunt Group
Users in a Small Community Network (SCN) can not contact Hunt Groups at the remote IP Office sites.
Voicemail Queuing not Working for Hunt Group
After adding an IP route to the IP Office configuration, the IP Office no longer communicates with the Manager
Newly Created IP Route Does Not Work
Customer requires a backup of the license keys for disaster recovery.
Existing Licenses are Invalid Upon Opening or Merging System Configuration
Newly Added Licenses Show Invalid or Unknown
Customer requires a restore of the license file for disaster recovery
The main IP Office control unit or expansion modules are rebooting constantly
The Manager application does not recognize the IP Office System
The IP Office is unable to load the working Bin files after a DTE reset of the system
The programming changes made to a user's account have reverted back to their default settings
Users' extension numbers are not in the correct order or the expansion module does not seem to work
IP Office Does Not Reboot or Goes into a Reboot Loop After a System Upgrade
When installing or restarting an IP phone, the display shows "Invalid set Type" or "Wrong set Type"
The Avaya IP phones using DHCP from the IP Office will not automatically restart after a system reset or power cut
Time and date information is incorrect on user handsets
The configured time profile is not activating at the set time
Analog trunk lines remain connected after the call has ended
E1 PRI 30 Lines Troubleshooting
No caller ID or name information is displayed for calls coming in on analog trunks
No caller ID or name information is displayed for calls coming in on ISDN trunks
User is unable to page over a VoIP line to a remote site
Attempts to Access Voicemail from Remote IP Office Site are Unsuccessful
Message Waiting Lamp Lit with No New Messages
Message Waiting Light will not turn on after a Message is Left
User or Hunt Group has Difficulties Receiving Voicemail Messages
Voicemail Messages have Broken Gaps on Playback Issue
The Voicemail Pro server will not start or loses connection to the IP Office control unit after two hours




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