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IP Office Conferencing Solution


IP Office Conferencing Solution

The Avaya™ IP Office conferencing solution enables multiple locations to participate in an audio conference. This allows on-site personnel as well as external parties (whether field-based engineers, sales staff on the road, customers or suppliers) to plan conference calls in advance or establish ad-hoc conference calls as and when required. IP Office conferences up to 64 parties at once IP Office Voicemail Pro complements the built-in meet-me conference bridge facility on IP Office by adding guidance prompts as well as requesting PIN codes for security. For example, if conference calls are regularly scheduled, Voicemail Pro can have pre-programmed Call Flows for weekly conference calls e.g.: every Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm using PIN code 1234 is the weekly sales call, etc… Furthermore if multiple conference calls are scheduled, users can alternatively select which one they need to attend via a simple menu. Should users encounter any issues, calls can be automatically routed to the operator for assistance.

IP Office Conferencing Capacity

The IP Office platforms provide maximum flexibility for conferencing. Today IP403/IP406 Office systems can conference up to 64 parties at once or enable up to 21 three-party conferences, three 21-party conferences or any other equivalent combination. IP412 Office systems can conference up to 42 three-party conferences or 2 x 64-party conferences. This capability is great for large briefings and, uniquely on IP Office, is made really powerful with the meet-me dial-in conference capability. This means you no longer have to rent expensive conference bridges from your service provider: instead IP Office can host the conference for you. Note: The term conference party refers to both internal and external callers.

IP Office Conference Features

The IP Office provides the following features and benefits relating to conferencing:

No special conferencing equipment required - you only need an IP Office system unit with as many digital trunks/VoIP channels as external participants (as well as Voicemail Pro should PIN code/menu prompts be required).

Ease of use: - Simply dial the direct number allocated to the conference bridge, type in the PIN if required and you have joined the conference! Conference control from IP Office Phone Manager Lite and Pro - For ad-hoc conferences with a few participants, staff can easily set up immediate conferences by calling externally parties and bringing them to the conference bridge. Thanks to IP Office Phone Manager, the instigator of the conference can keep control: the CLI/ANI number (and the associated name if recognized) of each participant is displayed within the Conference tab of Phone Manager. If required, he/she can selectively disconnect a specific participant (see below). Phone commands - External participants can access pre-arranged conference calls from any touch-tone phone and enter PIN codes or select a menu Customized greeting - Record a personalized greeting per conference Conference entry/exit tones - Single beep on entry/double beep on exit Conference call recording - Manual recording initiated by user on IP Office via Phone Manager, digital/IP display phone or a short code (requires VoiceMail Pro) Security - To prevent unauthorized access to the conference bridge, PIN codes, CLI/ANI number screening as well as time & date profiles can be set-up using IP Office Voicemail Pro. Privacy - In cases where the security of calls is critical, in-house conferencing is the only way to ensure privacy.

Remote Management - enables a single person to manage the conferencing bridge facility from any location. Furthermore the full IP Office solution – phone system, voicemail, CTI server, router, firewall and DHCP server- can all be managed from a single management interface called IP Office Manager.



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