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 The Phone Manager application offers control of the telephone terminal from the users’ PC. PhoneManager is available in three versions; Phone Manager Lite, Phone Manager Pro and iPhoneManager Pro. The user will be able to select whether they wish to use Phone Manager Pro or PhoneManager Lite, when the application is first started.

Feature Comparison Phone Manager Pro/ Phone Manager Lite

For Phone Manager Lite and Phone Manager Pro, this is similar to the PC-based IP Soft-phone except that the conversation actually takes place via a standard telephone terminal rather than the PC’s soundcard. The IP Soft-Phone variant adds PC-based telephony via a sound card to the product.

Phone Manager Lite allows all employees to access the features and facilities only previously available to those working in call centers, or those companies deploying expensive, proprietary feature phones on every desktop. Using an analog telephone or digital terminal, along with a networked PC on your desk, Phone Manager allows employees to take total control of their phone calls from their PC.

CLI/ANI is presented as standard so you can see who's calling you before you even answer. The caller's phone number and name (if known to you) are clearly shown on your PC, allowing you to have a good idea what the call's about before you take it. Also shown is information on the actual number dialed, this could be your own Direct Dial In (DDI/DID) number, or a specific department within your organization, e.g. switchboard, sales, support or admin. This feature allows you to answer accordingly and gives you the flexibility to participate in multiple groups, particularly important for small businesses. The same information is also displayed should a second call come in, allowing you to easily switch between calls or allow the second call to go to voicemail. You can choose to have the information pop-up on your PC automatically as soon as a call comes in, when you answer the call, or it can be instigated manually via a click of your mouse. Phone Manager’s call history keeps a record of all your received, outgoing and missed calls. Double-clicking on any item calls that number back to return a missed call, or to redial a previously called or received number. It even alerts you when you've received a new voicemail and presents unread voicemails so they can be simply retrieved by a click of a button.

Phone Manager features a "drag & drop" Busy Lamp Field and Direct Station Select. This allows users to customize the application to reflect the status of their department, immediate colleagues or the whole company as desired. This feature allows you to see at a glance, who's available to take a call, who's already on a call and who has placed their phone on Do Not Disturb. Four Call Park areas, which can be shared between users and operators, or within a department, further add to the ease with which the entire call handling process is streamlined with Phone Manager.

Feature Comparison Phone Manager Pro/ Phone Manager Lite

Phone Manager Pro builds upon PhoneManager Lite by offering the following additional features:

• Integration with Contact Management packages (i.e. Outlook, Goldmine, ACT! and Maximizer) to facilitate screen popping of the contact details of an incoming caller, dialing from the contact record with a simple mouse click and simple creation of new records with auto-insertion of the telephone number whilst on a call.

• Voicemail box control in Intuity and IP Office modes.

• Agent Mode operation, which allows the user to perform contact center functionality without needing a specially designed contact center, telephone i.e. one with dedicated keys such as log on/off. If your phone manager is also VoIP enabled then you can act as a contact center agent entirely through your PC

• Queue monitoring (2 queues)

• Simple incoming call scripting

• Distinctive ringing: Allows the configuring of distinct ringing on a per caller basis. PC sound files can be associated with incoming callers' numbers and then played through the PC speakers when a call is received from that number. This allows you to easily differentiate calls from important customers and clients, and those from unknown callers.

• Door entry control

• Time on call

• Power Conference, which allows phone manager to be integrated with IP Office power conferencing. This allows the PhoneManager pro users to book a conference and join a web conference. Note this feature is only available if your system administrator specifies permission and the power conferencing system is available.

Feature Comparison Phone Manager Pro/ Phone Manager Lite


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