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Phone Manager Comparison


Phone Manager Feature Comparison
Feature Phone Manager Lite Phone Manager Pro
Inbound/outbound call handling. Yes Yes
Phone call control. Yes Yes
Configure phone preferences. Yes Yes
Configure keyboard short cuts. Yes Yes
CLI (ANI) / Name display. Yes Yes
Speed dial management. Yes - 15 icons maximum. Yes
Busy Lamp Field (via speed dial). Yes - 15 icons maxmum. Yes - 100 icons maximum per tab.
Multiple Speed Dial tabs (to group Busy Lamp Field icons) Yes - 10 tabs maximum.
Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) Integration Yes Yes
View internal users’ presence via LCS Yes Yes
Send Instant Messages (IM) to internal users via LCS Yes Yes
Compact mode Yes
Local Phone Directory. Yes
Call history log – in, out, missed, messages. Yes Yes
Separated incoming/outgoing call log. Yes
Collect new voicemail messages. Yes Yes
Voicemail box control (Intuity and IP Office modes). Yes
Personal Distribution List set up (Intuity mode) Yes
Incoming call scripting. Yes
Time on call. Yes
Door opening control. Yes
Queue monitoring. Yes - 2 Queues
Conference Control Display. Yes Yes
Conferencing Center action buttons Yes Yes
'Screen pop' contacts Yes
(Outlook, Goldmine, ACT! and Maximizer).
Simple Outlook contact record creation. Yes
Agent Mode. Yes
Distinctive Ringing (WAV file). Yes
Advice of Charge Indication Yes
(this feature is only supported in Greece & Germany).
Post Connect dial Yes Yes
(sending DTMF whilst connected to another party).
VoIP mode (to run as an IP softphone) Option


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