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Power Conferencing greatly enhances the integrated conferencing functionality on IP Office . This optional application is a Web-based software package that consists in two parts:

A “Power Conferencing Scheduler” (to book and reserve conferences) and a “Power Conferencing Web client” (to complement an audio conference with a web interface). The scheduler can be used independently of the web client. Power Conferencing also interacts with SoftConsole and PhoneManager.

Power Conferencing Scheduler

The Web scheduler allows registered users to create and book conferences online using a web client interface. The scheduler offers secure conferencing while being very easy to set up. Users simply enter the date, time, duration and the number of delegates required. The conference is then created if the resources are available for that specific time. Once reserved, the conference resources are allocated to that conference call for the specified number of delegates at the selected date and time. Additionally Music On Hold (if available) can be played while waiting for a conference to start.

Access to the web scheduler requires a user to be set up by the administrator and have Internet Explorer (5.5 or above) installed on their PC. No other software is required. An unlimited number of registered users can be set up on the Power Conferencing application. Once registered, users can review the system resources before booking a new conference, book a conference as well as list pending conferences they have previously set up.

The user setting up the conference can then add delegate details including their email address and their telephone number. This allows email notification to all participants confirming the conference call details including the conference name, description, bridge number, conference ID and their unique participant PIN code (if PIN checking has been selected). Voice Conferencing Notification (VCN) can also be activated for selected participants. This allows VoiceMail Pro to dial out delegates when the conference is about to start and bring them to the conference bridge if they are available. Notification via Instant Messaging is planned for a future release. Participants’ details can be amended prior to the start of the conference.

Advanced security is available by generating unique PIN numbers for every participant allowing them to be recognized by the system and displayed on the Power Conferencing Web client (if selected – see paragraph below). If announcements are required, VoiceMail Pro will announce each participant by playing their name (if internal user) or asking them for their name (if external participant). At the end of the conference, each participant leaving the conference will be announced.

Users with administrator privilege can generate reports regarding conference usage and individual conference reports. This will detail the conference name and ID, the start date and time, duration and number of participants. Individual reports can also be run listing delegate details and when they joined/left the conference. Additionally if voting was being used using the Power Conferencing Web Client, voting results for each delegate would be shown for each question asked during the conference call.

Power Conferencing Web Client

To complement the audio-conference, the host has the ability to set up web support. This offers a web interface where the host and delegates can not only see which participants have joined the conference but also whether they joined as audio-only or both audio and web. Privileges to a web client are limited to voting purposes only however a host to the conference has the ability to pose questions, modify delegate contact details and whisper to a single participant connected into the conference.

The host can also publish a document for review on the Web client. This would need to be a document saved in html format (e.g. PowerPoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet) or simply a website URL. When presenting the document, the host has the ability to synchronize the document to all participants (e.g. change slide) as long as he resides within the same domain as the Power Conferencing server (this is a Microsoft limitation). Delegates can be located anywhere on the Internet or across an Extranet.

Access to the Power Conferencing Web Client simply requires the participant to have Internet Explorer (6.0 or above) installed on their PC. No download is required. There can be as many web clients as there are participants on the conference call (i.e. 64 maximum). For security, access to the Web Client also requires the participant to logon using the Conference ID and their unique PIN number. This offers security and allows the system to recognize who joined the conference and display its name on the right-hand side of the screen.

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