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Soft Console                            

The PC based Windows Operator Console ‘SoftConsole’ has been specifically designed to benefit businesses through improved operator service. Deployment of the SoftConsole provides the operator with the correct information to prioritize call handling and give the appropriate response to the caller. At the same time, the operator can maintain visibility of the number and type of calls waiting and so ensure that clients are greeted in a professional manner, enhancing the image of the company.

      SoftConsole has been designed to be easy to use, whilst offering a look and feel, which will appeal to experienced and novice operators alike.

Call Details Panel - The call details panel on the left shows details of the current call which will include the following information:

Calling Name – The system directory name associated with the calling number.

Calling Number – The telephone number of the call originator.

Called Name – The system user name or hunt group name associated with the called number.

Called Number – The extension number the incoming call has been routed to by the system.

Call Status – States the progress of a call. The border around the call status panel changes color to indicate the status of the call.

Call Duration – The length of time that the has been in the state as indicated by the Call Status

Notes - This area displays notes or information about the call i.e. when a call has been returned, as there was no answer from the extension it was transferred to. If annotation is attached to the call, details are shown in the Notes area.

Directory Panel -The directory panel on the right shows information on following:

Directory entries - Including IP Office users, hunt groups and external directory user (non IP Office user)

Single directory entry details – Including IP Office users, Hunt Groups and external directory user (non IP Office user).

               Directory Panel on the IP Office SoftConsole

Script file - when a script file has been configured for either the calling or called number. For example, an operator may be answering calls on behalf of more than one company. To ensure the call is answered with the correct company name a script file can be created with the company name details. The script file is displayed whenever a call is received for that company.

Scripts can be configured with soft console to ensure calls are answered properly

Soft Console

VoIP Solutions- Avaya IP Office PBX Telephone System Partner ACS Merlin Magix
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