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TransTalk for the IP Office

TransTalk 9040 system delivers the benefits and accessibility of a wireless phone with all the power and functionality of a wired desk telephone.

The TransTalk 9040 is an in-building wireless system that provides a mobility solution up to a 900’ range from the Digital Radio Module (DRM) depending on environment. An outdoor enclosure is also available, allowing the mounting of up to 2- DRMs per Outdoor Box outside the building for extended coverage. All DRMs must be connected together with the provided Sync. Cable. Longer cables for Outdoor Box to Outdoor Box DRM cabling are available.

Avaya’s TransTalk 9040 solution integrates fully with IP Office. The DRM connects directly to the Digital Station port on IP Office, users have the same call-handling flexibility and control that they have with their desk telephones, combined with the mobility of a wireless system. A built-in headset connection for true “hands-free” mobility and increased productivity is included with all TransTalk handsets With the TransTalk 9040 system’s 4-line display capability, users can set priorities and handle calls more effectively helping to improve productivity and customer service. Caller ID and message waiting notification are readily available, so that employees will be accessible anytime, anywhere.

TransTalk uses the 902 to 928 MHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band. Unlike some other in-building wireless systems, there are no airtime charges with TransTalk, and no license is required. TransTalk uses digital radio technology and spread-spectrum frequency hopping to provide extremely secure wireless communications.

9040 TransTalk phone features:

Voice Quality - The TransTalk handset:

          • Provides full-duplex voice transmissions, using ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) to provide the digital encoding

          • Applies a highly sophisticated “companding” feature to transmissions, which helps cancel out background noise (also known as “white noise”) Noise Cancellation/Sound Enhancement - Noise Cancellation/Sound Enhancement helps workers in noisy environments, such as a manufacturing line.

Test Mode - The TransTalk 9040 test mode functionality can be used to actually measure radio reception eliminating, in many cases, the need for RF meters and range estimates. This special capability is patented and is used to: Determine proper module station placement

• Ensure optimal system performance

• Ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Vibrator Alert - The 9040 handset provides a vibrator alert feature as an alternative, or in addition to, an audible ringing tone.

Redial Button - A fixed Redial button is provided to facilitate repeated calling attempts.

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