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There is little doubt that in the business environment of today, telecommunications are a valuable source of competitive advantage. It is clear that improved internal and external communications leads to increased organizational efficiency, enhanced customer relationships and hence increased profitability. The primary objective of IP Office’s Onsite Mobility Solution is to improve communication with staff that, because of the function they perform, is mobile within the workplace. Using cordless technology such individuals may be instantly contactable, with many obvious benefits.

The cordless telephone is carried in the pocket, so users are not tied to the desk in order to remain in contact. Users may be contacted instantly to ensure fast, accurate decision making and immediate response to problems. The risk of endless telephone tag and missed, inaccurate, or old messages is negated. Almost all organizational activities and staff functions can benefit from cordless communication, but those that will benefit most include:

Organizational Activities

• Manufacturing and Production

• Warehousing

• Healthcare

• Retail

• Hotels and Hospitality

• Support Services

• Management

Staff Functions

• Maintenance Personnel

• Production and Warehouse Supervisors

• IT Support and Building Services Support

• Key Managers

• Security

• Guest Phones

• Sales Teams 

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Avaya VoIP telephones
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