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Absent Text

Allows a user to set an absent statement that will be displayed on the internal callers terminal as well as on Phone Manager and SoftConsole. The system has 10 pre-configured messages as well as the ability to customize text.

Call Coverage

Known as covering extensions, Call Coverage allows an extension to act as an answering point for another user's call. This is typically used in Personal Assistant / Manager environments.

Call Forwarding

This is the ability to forward a user's calls to another extension or external number such as a Mobile/Cell Phone. Calls can be forwarded when there is no answer, when the extension is busy or for all calls. A user can enable/disable forwarding from their terminal, via the Phone Manager application or through Voicemail Pro.

If the user is also a member of a hunt group, they can separately control forwarding of their Hunt Group calls, thereby allowing them to choose whether to be presented with hunt group calls or not. This can be particularly useful in a sales environment where a number of people may be out of the office on Mobile/Cell Phones and still participate in the hunt group as if in the office.

Call Hold

A call may be placed on hold with optional Hold music. A held call cannot be forgotten as it is presented back to the extension after a period.
See also Call Park.

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