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Force Account Code

A user can be forced to enter an account code when making ANY external call. This setting is useful when tracking calls for costing purposes or simply for restricting the use of certain numbers. When used for billing purposes different accounts will be billed depending on the account code entered by the user. The Force Account Code field is available for individual users as well as on a system wide basis.

Account codes can also be used as PIN codes to restrict outgoing calls. At the short code level, account codes can be set as a mandatory use in association with outgoing dialed numbers. Once set up, users are required to enter an account/PIN code when the number being dialed is matched to a defined restricted number. These restricted numbers are defined using a short code. Any valid account code can be used as a PIN code.

Users with Plain Old Telephones can only enter the account codes prior to entering the restricted telephone number and if the set account code short code is created.


Force Account Code

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