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Internal Daughter Cards

Internal Daughter Cards are fitted inside the base module of the IP403, IP406 V1/V2 and IP412 platforms.  

Internal Daughter Card Avaya IP Office telephone system.

IP400 Office VC Module – 2/5/10/20/30

The Voice Compression Module (VCM) is used for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications in the IP403, IP406 and IP412 control units . Four VCM variants are available supporting 5, 10, 20 and 30 channels of compression. On IP Office - Small Office Edition systems, either 3 or 16 VCM/VoIP channels are pre-built.

Up to two VCM's can be fitted to the IP412, the other control units support only a single VCM. The capacity of VCM module supported also varies.

  • IP403 & IP406 V1: Support a single VCM5, VCM10 or VCM20.

  • IP406 V2: Supports a single VCM5, VCM10, VCM 20 or VCM30.

  • IP412: Supports any two from VCM5, VCM10, VCM20 and/or VCM30.


IP400 Internal Modem Card

An internal modem card with 12 modems was introduced with IP Office R3.0 to replace the existing Modem 2 card to provide dial-up capacity that is better matched to remote access requirements of customers. The Internal Modem card allows up to 12 simultaneous V.90 (56kbps) analog modem calls into the IP office.  

  • The IP403 will support only up to 4 simultaneous modem connections.

  • The IP406 V2 and IP412 will support up to 12 connections.

  • This card is NOT supported on the IP406 V1, only on the new IP406 V2.


Internal Daughter Cards


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