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IP400 Office WAN3

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IP400 Office WAN3

The IP400 Office WAN 3 module provides three WAN connections (X21, V35 or V24 via a 37way D Type socket). Line speeds up to and including 2Mbps are supporting on each interface, the carrier providing the line dictates the actual operating speed i.e. in some territories the maximum speed may be 1.544M. These interfaces are identical to the single connection provided as standard on the IP403, IP406 and IP412 platforms.

The IP400 Office WAN3 may be connected to the IP403, IP406 V1/V2 and IP412 platforms to provide additional WAN ports. Each platform can support up to two WAN3 modules.

The IP400 Office WAN3 connects to the base unit through the Local Area Network and does not use an expansion port on the control unit.


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IP400 Office WAN3


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