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Maximum Call Length

This is a system wide setting that enables or disables warning tones played to users that are being intruded upon.

Night Service

When a Hunt Group is in Night Service mode the Hunt Group is temporarily disabled.

Callers to this Hunt Group will receive the busy tone or, if Voicemail is operational, played the Out of Hours greeting.

Alternatively a Night Service Fallback group can be used to provide cover, e.g. pass calls to a manned extension or an external number, e.g. a mobile.

A Hunt Group can be switched to Night Service mode by a user dialing the appropriate short code – by any extension or by specific users.

Off Switch Call Inhibit

This is a system wide setting that prevents external calls being forwarded off switch as a precaution against toll fraud. This also prevents trunk to trunk transfers.

Outgoing Calls

When making an outbound call the system first checks if the dialed digits are an internal extension. If not, the system then checks to see if the dialed digits are a feature code. If the dialed digits are neither an internal extension number or a facility code, then the system concludes it is an external call. Hence, it is not necessary to prefix an external number with a line access code.


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