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What are Licenses and Feature Keys

Some IP Office applications and devices require the entry of licenses before they will work. They may also use licenses to enable certain features and control the number of supported users, ports or channels.

  • Example 1: Enabling Software
    Phone Manager software is provided free with IP Office, however the same software can run in Pro mode which gives the user access to additional features.  If a user is set to run Phone Manager Pro when no license is available, their software operates as Phone Manager Lite. If a license is available, their software works as Phone Manager Pro.

  • Example 2: Enabling Software and Features
    The CCC application is initially enabled by one license which allows 1 supervisor, 5 call center agents and 1 PC wallboard. Additional license keys may be entered to enable support for additional agents, supervisors and/or PC wallboards.


License keys are also known as RFA (Remote Feature Activation) codes. These are entered into the IP Office system's configuration. Each license is a unique 32-character string based on:

    • The Serial Number printed on the IP Office Feature Key dongle.  

    • The feature and software being enabled.


Feature Keys
The Feature Key is a hardware device used to validate the licenses installed on an IP Office system. Each IP Office using licenses requires its own Feature Key.

  • Serial Feature Key Dongle
    Plugs directly into the serial port on IP Office Small Office Edition, IP406 V2 and IP412 Control Units, allowing PC-less operation.

  • Parallel Port Feature Key Dongle
    Plugs into a Feature Key server PC connected to the IP Office.

  • USB Feature Key Dongle
    Plugs into a Feature Key server PC connected to the IP Office.


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