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Current License Keys

This section lists the licenses that currently exist. It uses the license names as shown in the Manager Application.

Note that existence of a license does not imply that the related product is available in all territories. Product availability must be confirmed with your IP Office product supplier.


CCC Licenses

  • CCC Server
    Enables the CCC Server application (Archiver and Wallboard Manager) with support for 1 supervisor, reporting on 5 agents, and one PC Wallboard.

  • CCC Agents
    Enables various numbers of additional agents (5, 10, 20, 50) for CCC reporting.

  • CCC PC Wallboards
    Enables additional CCC PC Wallboards for 5, 10, 20, 50 users.

  • CCC Spectrum Wallboards
    Enables the operation of between 4 and 16 Spectrum wallboards (not Ferrograph) with CCC. One license per 4 wallboards.

  • CCC Supervisors
    Enables CCC (CCV and Report Viewer) for 2, 3, 4 or 5 supervisors; allowing reporting on 5 agents each plus one instance each of a PC Wallboard.

  • CCC Designer (users)
    Enables CCC Report Designer, which permits a supervisor to design and customize their own reports. One license per user.

  • CCC Agent Rostering
    Enables the Agent Rostering Interface for CCC which provides connection to a 3rd party Agent Rostering package (Blue Pumpkin).

  • CCC EMail
    Enables the MultiMedia component of CCC V4. Enables email routing and reporting, outbound calling and web call-me buttons. Requires IP400 CTI.

  • CCC Chat
    Multi Media component CCC V4 enables Web Chat. Requires IP400 CTI Pro or CCC email plus CTI Pro licenses.

  • MS-CRM Integration
    Allows operation between IP Office and MS-CRM server and clients.



  • CTI Link Pro
    Enables CTI Link Pro functionality (TAPI Link Pro & DEVLink Pro). Also enables four TAPI WAV Voice Processing Ports.

  • Wave User
    Allows streaming of WAV files, using TAPILink Pro, for 3rd party voice applications. This is a per user license. Note that TAPI WAV calls use system data channels taken from the same pools as used for voicemail ports. The maximum number of simultaneous TAPI WAV user calls and voicemail users is determined by the IP Office control unit type; IP401 = 2, IP403 & Small Office Edition = 10, IP406 = 20, IP412 = 30.



  • Voicemail Pro (4 ports)
    Enables Voicemail Pro plus 4 ports (2 maximum on IP401).

  • Additional Voicemail Pro (ports)
    Adds (2, 4, 8 or 16 ports) to the existing number of VM Pro ports, up to the maximum number of ports supported by the IP Office control unit type. IP401 = 2, IP403 & Small Office Edition = 10, IP406= 20, IP412 = 30.

  • Integrated Messaging
    Enables IMS Pro operation with Voicemail Pro. Enables synchronization to MS Exchange email systems and adds a form to control Voice Mails within Outlook. Requires Voice Mail Pro.

  • Audix / Modular Messaging Voicemail
    Enables IP Office to use a remote Intuity Audix or Modular Messaging for voicemail. Does not require a local Voice Mail Pro server.

  • VMPro Database Interface
    Enables 3rd party database support within Voicemail Pro call flows.

  • VMPro TTS (Generic)
    Enables use of text to speech facilities using third party TTS software with Voicemail Pro. One license per simultaneous instance of TTS usage.

  • VMPro TTS (Scansoft)
    Enables use of text to speech facilities using Avaya supplied TTS software with Voicemail Pro. One license per simultaneous instance of TTS usage.

  • VMPro VB Script
    Enables VB Script functionality with Voicemail Pro.

  • Networked Messaging
    Enables VPNM (Voicemail Pro Networked Messaging) functionality within Voicemail Pro. This allows message exchange with remote Voicemail Pro and Avaya Interchange systems.

  • VMPro Recordings Administrator
    Enables integration between Voicemail Pro VRL and the Avaya Contact Store for IP Office application.  


Phone Manager

  • Phone Manager Pro (per user)
    Enables Phone Manager Pro for 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or unlimited users. The user's Phone Manager mode is set through the IP Office configuration (User | Telephony | Phone Manager Type).

  • Phone Manager Pro IP Audio Enabled (per user)
    Enables Phone Manager Pro IP softphone operation. Note: Also requires a Phone Manager Pro license.


Other Licenses

  • DECT Integration (ports)
    Enables enhanced DECT integration (CTI app for extra functionality), e.g. twinning of DECT handsets with desktop telephones, access to directories, etc.

  • Compact Business Center
    Enables the CBC application for one user.

  • SoftConsole (users)
    Adds one SoftConsole user. A maximum of four SoftConsole user can be licensed.

  • IP End-Points
    Controls the number of 3rd party endpoints H323 VoIP devices (1, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100).

    • Note: This license is not required for Avaya 4600 series telephones which do not require a license. Nor is this license required for IP enabled Phone Manager Pro as this is licensed separately.

  • Conferencing Center
    Enables the IP Office Conferencing Center application.

  • Small Office WiFi
    Enables the Wireless Card on Small Office.

  • IPSec Tunnelling
    Enables the use of IPSec security measures

Obtaining License Keys

The exact method for obtaining License Keys will depend on your business relationship with Avaya, for example you may have to obtain your License Keys via a distributor or reseller.



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