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How License & Feature Keys Work

There are two methods of operation:

  1. PC-Less Operation Using a Serial Port Feature Key
    The advantage of this method is that a permanent PC is not required.

    • A serial port Feature Key dongle is plugged into the serial port of the IP Office Small Office Edition, IP406 V2 and IP412 Control Units.

    • The address for the License Server IP Address set in the IP Office's configuration should be blank.

    • Following a reboot the IP Office control unit validates its licenses directly against the serial port Feature Key dongle.


  1. Using a Feature Key Server PC and Parallel or USB Feature Key
    This method requires a permanent PC.

    • The IP Office Feature Key Server application is installed onto a PC on the IP Office LAN.

    • The Feature Key dongle is attached to that PC's parallel port or USB port.

    • The address of that PC is set in the IP Office's configuration (System | System | License Server IP Address).

      • Note: This requires the PC to be given a fixed IP address.

    • Following a reboot, the IP Office control unit then validates its licenses via the Feature Key server application.


The Feature Key Server Application

Not applicable if using a Serial Port Feature Key dongle.

The Feature Key Server software is required when using a USB or parallel port feature key. It is installed on a Windows PC connected to the IP Office via the LAN. The Feature Key dongle is then attached to that PC's USB or parallel port.

When a License Key is issued, it is entered into the Manager application and uploaded to the IP Office. This causes the IP Office to reboot. During the reboot, the IP Office attempts to connect to the PC running the Feature Key Server software.

When connected it checks the License Keys it has against the serial number of the Feature Key found on the Feature Key Server PC. If okay then the status each license is changed to 'valid'.



  1. Each Feature Key Server PC will only support License Key validation for one IP Office. If you have more than one IP Office then you will require a Feature Key Server for each.

  2. If a PC is logged on as a different user, it may be necessary to re-install the Feature Key software.


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